White shades of Blanco

As an aspiring bridal designer I often get this question which goes a little like this, “wouldn’t it be boring to design in all white?” and my answer is always the same which is no-no, I believe it’s all in the details and a rich color like white is just as beautiful as any other color.

Of course getting married makes white a must but if right now all you have is a Pinterest board full of wedding inspiration and a long way to go for that imaginary wedding (not judging I’m on the same boat…shhh ) Then why don’t you make your all white outfit happen sooner, having an all white outfit for me is pure,fresh, peaceful and yet so powerful. What do you say guys, trying an all white outfit this weekend ? Let me know by sharing your comments down below!!!


Mexican Designer Benito Santos

Today I would like to share my favorite designer in the world the one and only Benito Santos, he is a Mexican designer based in Mexico, well known for dressing Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete in 2010. I had the opportunity to wear one of his dresses back in 2012 and I can honestly say his garments make you feel and look like a Goddess, it was a dream come true for me not only as a client but as a fashion design student. One of my favorite collections are his Bridal ones he is a master when it comes to dressing brides on that special day, if you have any doubt just take a peek at his campaigns I shared two of my favorite down below.

Today Benito Santos is dressing a number of celebrities including Mexico’s first lady, his success is fast paced and rising high quickly.¬†Check out his Beautiful Bridal Campaigns and follow him @benitosantosoficial

Official: Benito Santos Mexico