Weekend Muse|Maria Felix

Most kids grew up watching the Disney Channel but in my living room you could find my father and I watching Mexican classic movies from the 50’s in specific films with actress Maria Felix also known as “La Dona”. I remember admiring her dresses and beauty which were a constant inspiration for me even at a young age. Her style was impeccable keeping a balance between classy, bold and extravagant, she was great at accessorizing her timeless looks.

Below you can find a video with more of her best fashion moments.


No U-Turns

There is no going back with this gorgeous dress by designer Mary Katrantzou the amount of embellishments and embroidery is just stunning. Embroidery, no u-turn patches along with beaded detailing simply delivers a paradise of uniqueness. This dress is so unexpected that you have to look twice to capture the massive amount of random patches stitched together to such a classy silhouette, this masterpiece simply works like magic. So impressive!!!

Show-stopper Megan Bowman before Mary Katrantzou’s Fashion Show in London


Mexican Designer Benito Santos

Today I would like to share my favorite designer in the world the one and only Benito Santos, he is a Mexican designer based in Mexico, well known for dressing Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete in 2010. I had the opportunity to wear one of his dresses back in 2012 and I can honestly say his garments make you feel and look like a Goddess, it was a dream come true for me not only as a client but as a fashion design student. One of my favorite collections are his Bridal ones he is a master when it comes to dressing brides on that special day, if you have any doubt just take a peek at his campaigns I shared two of my favorite down below.

Today Benito Santos is dressing a number of celebrities including Mexico’s first lady, his success is fast paced and rising high quickly. Check out his Beautiful Bridal Campaigns and follow him @benitosantosoficial

Official: Benito Santos Mexico

We Wear Glam On Wednesdays

It’s the middle of the week and most of us begin to feel the load of work, but don’t worry we’re half way through and willing to survive another crazy week. Todays post is about a little inspiration and tips on how to glam up your Wednesday!!!

I found this gorgeous statement necklace at ALDO and I immediately felt in love with the massive amount of beads, it’s a very affordable necklace that you can wear to a wedding, prom or even on a casual WEDNESDAY, just pull out your favorite pair of jeans and T-shirt and boom you have a glam look in the middle of the week. This necklace is perfect to go and treat yourself to a glass of wine at one of your favorite restaurant, and yes you don’t have to wait until the weekend to glam up your day and mood.

Transformation Tuesday

My Taco Tuesdays might now be replaced by Thrifting Tuesdays, and lets be honest the overload of tacos needed to stop anyway, but that’s another story. (most likely eating tacos next Tuesday Heh heh)

This morning I decided to take a quick trip to “Goodwill” in Alameda, California and let me tell you that this location had beautiful garments that were in great condition,the store was clean and well organized I definitely recommend to check it out if you’re located in the Bay Area. I found a few pieces with unique details like beading, sequin and vintage trims but I will say that most of the sizes were Large but I went ahead and purchased them anyway. Now I know what you’re probably thinking why would I buy pieces that are not my size? well believe or not this was actually a great source of inspiration my mind was immediately inspired to re-create my existing thrift finds. As soon as I got home I took out the XL sequin top and placed on my dress form and begin to play with different ways I could turn an 80’s top to a modern piece. The possibilities are endless from a top to a possible cocktail dress and more, this is a technique I learned In one of my fashion classes at Academy of Art University and it changed the way I look at existing garments not only vintage pieces but also any sale items I find in retail stores, having an open mind and knowing you can turn it into something unique that fits your figure and wallet is always a great alternative. Below you can find a quick slideshow of my kind of “Transformation Tuesday” where I show how to go from an 80’s top to a beautiful Cocktail Dress. 

Let me know what you guys think by commenting down below, Happy Tuesday Guys!!!

Café with Victor & a triple shot of inspiration

Hi everybody! My name is Victor and I’m a fashion writer and social media specialist. I was so excited when Yesenia asked me to be a guest blogger on Mexicana Americana. I can’t wait to tell you a bit more about a day we recently spent together.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetI invited Yesenia to have coffee with me on an early Sunday morning. I had been dying to visit Trouble Coffee’s new location in Oakland, so we ventured out to have breakfast in the white and bright space. I’m a sucker for natural lighting and Trouble exceeded my expectations. The space is so beautifully minimal, yet inviting and cozy. I had heard good things about their cinnamon toast so I decided to order it to accompany my iced chai. We also ordered a coconut to share – and my was it delicious!

While enjoying our refreshing treat, Yesenia and I chatted a bit about our goals and dreams. I love talking to Yesenia about these sorts of things because we’re both really ambitious for our age, and I love being able to get our thoughts and plans organized. Yesenia and I have very different career goals, but we give each other ideas as to what should be our next step. It’s great to have a supportive friendship with someone – it really inspires you to keep on working to achieve your ultimate goals.
Yesenia and I also love chatting about the fashion industry. Whether it’s about fashion news or maybe a new exhibit that’s coming to town, we always keep each other updated. This time around we talked a bit about the news of Alexander Wang leaving Balenciaga. We each threw out ideas as to who we think will replace him. I can’t wait to see if one of us was right!
Yesenia wanted me to share a bit about my style with all of you. My style is constantly changing to adapt to my daily life. Right now it’s super relaxed because my work office is pretty casual. I tend to opt for comfortable fabrics and fits that I can wear all day long without feeling stuffy. I’m going to be honest, I did dress specifically for the coffee shop we were visiting. I wanted to keep my look a bit more minimal but I didn’t want to blend in too much. I thought my blue jeans and plaid shirt would be a good pop against the white space. I’m a total aesthete so keeping everything cohesive is always a must for me!
Instagram: @victrver
Shirt: Sandro
Jeans: Madewell
Boots: Madewell
Sunglasses: Gucci