Transformation Tuesday

My Taco Tuesdays might now be replaced by Thrifting Tuesdays, and lets be honest the overload of tacos needed to stop anyway, but that’s another story. (most likely eating tacos next Tuesday Heh heh)

This morning I decided to take a quick trip to “Goodwill” in Alameda, California and let me tell you that this location had beautiful garments that were in great condition,the store was clean and well organized I definitely recommend to check it out if you’re located in the Bay Area. I found a few pieces with unique details like beading, sequin and vintage trims but I will say that most of the sizes were Large but I went ahead and purchased them anyway. Now I know what you’re probably thinking why would I buy pieces that are not my size? well believe or not this was actually a great source of inspiration my mind was immediately inspired to re-create my existing thrift finds. As soon as I got home I took out the XL sequin top and placed on my dress form and begin to play with different ways I could turn an 80’s top to a modern piece. The possibilities are endless from a top to a possible cocktail dress and more, this is a technique I learned In one of my fashion classes at Academy of Art University and it changed the way I look at existing garments not only vintage pieces but also any sale items I find in retail stores, having an open mind and knowing you can turn it into something unique that fits your figure and wallet is always a great alternative. Below you can find a quick slideshow of my kind of “Transformation Tuesday” where I show how to go from an 80’s top to a beautiful Cocktail Dress. 

Let me know what you guys think by commenting down below, Happy Tuesday Guys!!!


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